Sex offender ordinance passes in Beatrice

It's a law many cities already have, and tonight, you can Beatrice to the list of those with a city–wide sex offender ordinance.   Many people in Beatrice say they can now rest a little easier after the city council gave the okay to a city–wide sex offender ordinance.

New restrictions will be set prohibiting sex offenders from living 500 feet from schools or child care centers.  For Beatrice mom Anja Knepper the law is another step in the right direction. “I think that it's a good thing the law was passed but I also think people who are really after young children are always going to find what their looking for,” Knepper said.

One supporter of the ordinance was Beatrice Police Chief Bruce Lang who said after talking to the public he felt this ordinance should be passed. “When parents spoke to me last year about concerns of sex offenders residing across the street from schools or moving in from playgrounds we didn't have anything in place to prevent that so that's when I thought this was good idea,” Chief Lang said.

Sex offenders who established residency in Beatrice before July 1st of 2006 and haven't moved will be grandfathered in.