Sexual assault in Crete leaves families afraid of the city park

By: Sabrina Ahmed

Three boys in the Crete City Park were sexually assaulted and now police are looking for the man who touched them.

Crete families say they're afraid to send kids to the park after a sexual assault. It happened Tuesday afternoon. Police say a man walked up to three boys sitting in the gazebo at the Crete City Park.

After he smacked one boy's rear and tried to talk to them, he massaged the boy's shoulders.

Officials say, once the man reached for another boy's genitals, the three ran away. “Our mission is to locate the individual and resolve this case so it doesn't happen to anybody else,” said Gary Young with the Crete Police.

They says he's a six-foot Asian man and weighs around 180 lbs. Police say they have witnesses, and are using surveillance video from the park, but Car MIller says he has a ten-year-old brother, and this is making him think twice about being in the area.

“They'll be here and I'll be over there talking to my friends and something could happen like what happened the other day,” he said.

The officers say it could happen again, but they're working around the clock to make sure it doesn't. “It's certainly a possibility and that's why we want to speak to him before that happens,” said Young.

Police say, with the information they have, they're confident they'll locate the person soon. At this time they don't have any suspects.