Shane Tilley ordered back to Lincoln Regional Center

A Lancaster County District Court judge has ruled that the man who escaped from the Lincoln Regional Center will remain there.

Judge Karen Flowers ruled Monday, that 22-year-old Shane Tilley will remain committed to the Lincoln Regional Center for treatment.  Tilley, who escaped from the center last month, had his annual review hearing last week before Judge Flowers.

In her ruling, Judge Flowers says, “Following the review held in 2009 I gave permission for the Regional Center to take Mr. Tilley outside the confines of the forensic unit and even into the community so long as his behavior warranted such privileges and he was adequately supervised.  Because of Mr. Tilley's escape from the grounds while on a supervised walk.. the Regional Center is not requesting such permission this year.”

Tilley will not be given privileges such as supervised walks until the court holds a hearing first.

His next review is scheduled for August 12, 2011.