Sheriff: Missing man found dead in Valparaiso

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

"They’re hoping to, I’m going to say rule out that he’s out there because that’s what I hope to find."

The words Cheryl Husted didn’t want to hear. Her son, Sean Eddy of Valparaiso has been found dead.

Cheryl and her husband Brian last heard from their 42-year-old son on New Years Day. Cheryl, who was at home making food for the dozens of people looking for Sean, says it’s not unusual to not hear from him for a day or two. But for several days- that was unusual.

The Husteds reported Sean missing last Friday, after they found his car on County Road A, just east of Highway 79.

They his car unlocked, his phone charging up front.

Saunders County Sheriff Kevin Stukenholtz says they held a search party Saturday, but freezing conditions and snow on the ground held them up.

On Tuesday, the search focused in a creek next to where Sean’s car was found. The sheriff’s office says a piece of clothing was found in the icy water. They brought out a cadaver dog to aid in the search.

More is coming on this investigation, stay with Channel 8 for updates.