Sheriff’s Deputies Bust Suspected Meth Lab

The Lancaster County Sheriff's Office is working the scene of a suspected Meth Lab.  A Sheriff's Deputy was checking businesses in the area of 140th and East 'O' Street around 2:15 Tuesday morning when he noticed two suspicious vehicles.  When the deputy got closer one of the two men in the cars fled on foot.  The other was arrested for trespassing.  “Around the vehicle we found components known to us to be used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine or the attempted manufacturing of methamphetamine,” says Sgt. Scott Gaston.  The Lincoln Police Departments K9 unit was brought for a dog track but they were unsuccessful in finding the suspect.  The Nebraska State Patrol was also brought in to help with the investigation.  At the scene, deputies along with the Lincoln/Lancaster County Meth Team are working to determine what kind of chemicals are present.  The Health Department is also on the scene to help with disposing the chemicals properly.   The Sheriff's Office is still looking for one man, however they say they known who he is because of previous contacts.