Shingle Costs Going Through The Roof

Storm after storm hit the state hard this year, leaving those affected to fix all the damage left behind.

Many Nebraskans suffered damage to their roof, and now the price it's going to cost you to fix it, is shocking.  

The price of shingles is literally through the roof.

The cost of shingles has almost tripled in less then a year, leaving those with damaged homes left to pick up the tab.

The price of oil continues to affect almost everything we do.

Now, repairing a damaged roof is going to cost you.

Shingles are made out of asphalt; asphalt has oil in it, takes oil to deliver so the same oil prices that we're faced with gasoline and what have you are really affecting that cost of shingles.

So much that the cost of 100 square feet of shingles last year was about $35, by the end of the summer that same amount is going to cost you just under $100.

Luke Cochran says the bidding program they use to decide prices is usally figured once a year, but since January their have been six price increases.

This means a bid that would normally last a year for a customer, is only good for ten days before the price goes up even higher.

The cost of materials are going up and up and up we're taking a price increase Tuesday, July 1st were going to take another August 1st and there doesn't seem to be an end in site.

The roof Home Pride was working on Monday afternoon, a year ago would have cost around $5,000, but because of the high oil prices the cost of Monday's job cost almost $7,000, and if they would have waited till the end of the summer that $7,000 would have jumped another 15-hundred.

As long as oil keeps going up the cost of materials keeps going up it's having a great affect plus the availability of the product, there's so much storm damage in the country right now the shingles are kind of hard to come by.

Cochran told us not only is the increasing price of oil affecting the price of shingles but also supply and demand, there have been so many roofs damaged by storms that home pride itself is 500 homes on the waiting list for roofs that need to be fixed.