Shooting Victim Recovering After Armed Robbery

The owner of George's Auto Sales was shot in the leg during a robbery Tuesday night.

He talked to Channel 8 about the frightening ordeal.

No one at George's Auto Sales can believe this happened to them..

Around 4 o'clock a masked man walked in with a gun and demanded money.  Moments later, George Kholousi was shot.

“It was really unexpected, bizarre, looked like a fake situation, I couldn't really comprehend.”

Kholousi's head is still spinning from what happened to him Tuesday night.

“Suddenly a guy with a mask was pointing a gun at me.”

Kholousi says he was selling a car to two customers yesterday afternoon when a masked man demanded money.

“He put a gun to my foot and shot, and I started screaming, I got shot!”

The suspect then ran off.

The bullet shot through Kholousi's leg, but he says it could have been much worse.

“This could have been disastrous, I'm very blessed I didn't get injured more than this,”

Perhaps more scarring than the physical pain, is wondering if the future is safe.

For the employees, “I've never seen this before, I'm kind of worried because it happened and now this area is not safe.”

And for Kholousi, “Well it just I have been in business for 10 years and we hardly have any incidents, is kind of scary these things are happening.”

Kholousi's doctor told him he could be walking as early as Saturday.

Police are still looking for the suspect who was wearing a mask at the time of the robbery.