Shooting Victim’s Mother Speaks

A tough day on Wednesday for a Lincoln mother, who faced her son’s alleged killer in court for the first time.

23–year–old Chance Paap is accused of accidentally shooting his friend, Nathan Kuhn, and then leaving his body in a closet.

Debbie Kuhn says it’s a day she’ll never forget, being told her son was killed.  What made it even harder is that police say a friend of her son’s did it.

Kuhn describes her son, Nathan, as loving, funny, and a devoted father to his daughter.

Nathan was taken from her Halloween night.  She says, “I just remember the police coming to the door and saying,  ‘he’s gone.’ And that was the worst.  Even though I knew when they were walking to the door, I knew that’s what they were going to say to me.  Or he would have been with them.”

Court documents say Chance Paap was hanging out at his house with Nathan.  Police say Paap was twirling a revovler on his finger when it accidentally went off and shot Kuhn in the head.

Paap told police he panicked and fled to Oklahoma, but then returned shortly after and stuffed Kuhn’s body in a closet.

Paap then went to his father’s house and told him what happened.  It was his father who called 911.

Kuhn says, “the hardest part of this whole thing is somebody wrapping your child up and shoving them in a closet.”

Now she says she takes it day by day, and is still in the grieving process.   She says she hopes to one day, find the silver lining in this tragedy.

“No one should have to go through burying their children.  That’s not the way the process works.  Our children shouldn’t be the ones we bury, they bury us.”

Paap could get one to 20 years in jail and up to a $20,000 fine for the manslaughter charge.

Kuhn says regardless of how much time he spends behind bars it won’t be enough, because at the end of the day nothing will bring back her son.

There’s a fund set up at all Union Banks to help cover Nathan’s funeral costs.  You can make a donation under his name.