Stranger Gives Woman Much Needed Easter Gift

A soldier's wife with some major medical problems receives a much needed Easter present from a total stranger!

Julie Lyntt was in a local Wal–Mart trying to figure out how she could afford an Easter basket for her son.

That's when a complete stranger, a guardian angel as she called her, came in and made this a truly special Easter.

“When I went to say 'Thank you. Ma'am you didn't need to do that,' I turned around and she was gone. I didn't even get a chance to say thank you,” Lyntt says. 

So now's her chance.  Julie Lyntt was in Wal–Mart getting ready to fill an Easter basket for her son.  Faced with financial trouble, she knew she would have to make some choices on what she could afford…that was until a complete stranger came from behind her, handed her a hundred dollar bill and left.

Julie says she never even saw the woman…and more importantly never got to say thanks.

“After I left I wanted to cry. I was so in gratitude because I was sitting there thinking 'what do I have to do so that my son can have a good Easter?' and here's this lady over here giving me a hundred dollars and I don't know who she is or have any way to tell her thank you.”

But Julie's story is even more amazing.  Almost entirely confined to a wheelchair due to a rare genetic disorder known as MPS, she's faced with mounting medical costs.

Her dog Onyx helps her as well with challenges like taking off her shoes.  And her husband is in Colorado, preparing for his fourth deployment in the Army.

Knowing her son would miss his father this Easter, she knew she wanted to make it a special one…”We've missed birthdays together, anniversaries together. We've missed holidays together and it was just another assurance that people do still care out there.”

And seeing the kind nature of others…Julie now knows she'll pay it forward…”For no reason she helped me out means for no reason I'll help somebody else out.”

She's already gotten the chance.

Julie told me that tonight at her Easter service she used part of that hundred dollars and gave back to her church.