Shoppers flood stores weekend before Christmas

Posted By: Megan Conway

Black Friday and Cyber Monday, meet Panic Saturday; the last weekend before Christmas to get those final gifts. Many stores including Scheels and Kohl’s have extended their hours and beefed up their staff.

“People are just so busy with everything else going on in their life, it’s nice to have that extra time at night or earlier in the morning for them to come out and get stuff done,” says Rachael Tonniges, Scheels assistant store leader.

“We try to accommodate as many people as we can, so being open 24 hours will definitely help with that,” says Bobbi Maly, Kohl’s assistant store manager.

From the retail perspective, the items that go the quickest are electronics and team merchandise and something new flying off the shelves this year, anything to do with the Disney movie ‘Frozen.’

“We’re getting down to the last few days, so there’s a lot of things that are out of stock already,” says Maly.

From the shoppers perspective, lines and crowds dominated their day. Many said patience was a must have.

“I was not expecting this many people to be out and about,” says Dawn Guenter of Lincoln.

“There were a couple sizes that were a little sparse, but I pretty much found what I was looking for,” says Erynn Johnson of Lincoln.

“There was a lot of traffic, but it went pretty smoothly,” says Becky Wingard of Milford.

Others couldn’t believe what a hassle free day they had. 

“We were expecting to stand in terrible lines, and it hasn’t been that bad. I think we lucked out,” says Amy Payne of Lincoln.

Now, if you’re looking to do your shopping on Sunday and want to try to avoid the crowds, the retail managers said right before lunch and 1–3 in the afternoon were the busiest times.