Shopping declines as frigid temps continue

"The last year was like 50 degrees, so we expected some decent traffic but hearing the weather was going to be so frigid, were considerably lower traffic right now. So we got the hot chocolate in the back for our employees," said Michelle Cartwright, a manager at Charming Charlies.

Foot traffic at SouthPointe Pavilions the fast been a bit on the lighter side lately.

Being an outdoor mall certainly makes things difficult with temperatures dipping below zero this week.

"We all have goals that we want to hit so it’s just disappointing, but it’s Nebraska and it’s an outdoor mall so we expect it, and deal with and hope to see the customer when it gets warmer," added Cartwright.

Cartwright says that with the decrease in traffic, the focus turns to great customer service.

"We will still be here so we just have the opportunity to really focus on the customers and if you need something were here so we will definitely spend some time with you," says Ashley Herman an employee at Francesca’s.

At most retailers, the holiday season continues until after New Year’s Eve, but this year, due to the cold. The last few days have seen a steep decline in shoppers, but they expect it to get better with warmer weather.