Shopping for Santa Cop Program

By: Kelly Sommariva

There was a shopping frenzy at Lincoln Wal-Marts Tuesday morning. Volunteers from the Santa Cop program hit the aisles to make sure thousands of children have a Merry Christmas.

Jan Kaufman says, “it's the most exciting thing I have found in my life to do.”

From aisle to checkout, a dozen helpers from the Lincoln Police Union's “Santa Cop” charity did just that. Loading up enough toys and games for 10,000 kids. Ofc. Brytten Sorgenfrei says, “It's just something I had in my heart that I wanted to do.” First year President and LPD Officer Brytten Sorgenfrei has been working all year to raise funds for the charity shopping spree at the 3 Lincoln Walmarts.

Ofc. Sorgenfrei says,”We'll load up these pallets, I'll pay for here then we'll go to north 84th and do the same there. Pick up and pay at 27th pickup and pay there then go straight to the Center for People in Need.”

That's where as many as 4,000 needy families are expected to come and shop for their kids this holiday. Deb Daily from Center for People in Need says, “As families struggle to get food on their table and keep utilities on or even have housing the children are always the ones that are lost.”

The Santa Cop program is making this a holiday everyone will remember. Ofc. Brytten Sorgenfrei says, “It's going to be such a memorable Christmas for me I don't think I'll ever forget this year, the 1st year of doing it.”

Now that the toys are unloaded it's a busy week ahead for the Center for People in Need. They'll organize the toys Thursday and Friday, then people can shop Saturday through Monday with the help of more than 1,000 volunteers. But they can always use more!

Families need to meet certain requirements if they'd like to shop. For more information just log onto