Shots fired at two Lincoln homes

Some residents of Northeast Lincoln became neighbors to an early morning drive by shooting. Now some say they're on edge. Police say in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, this quiet side street near 33rd and Adams became the scene of a drive by shooting.

“A woman heard what sounded like 3 fireworks at about 4 am. She assumed someone was still celebrating and did not investigate,” Officer Katie Flood said.

She wasn't the only one in the neighborhood who dismissed the gunfire. “I kept hearing things that kind of waking me up. I thought it was thunder or something like that,” Edguinia Williams said.

But police say it was in fact gunfire, and they recovered 8 shells at the scene. The first 3 shots hit a woman's backyard pool while she was inside. Then five more struck her next door neighbor's house, they were home too.

“5 points of impact were found on the exteriors of the home. Damage appears to have been caused by a shotgun,” Officer Flood said.

The bullets caused over $1000 in damage to the windows and siding. Police are investigating what the motive behind the shootings might have been, but one thing is certain: neighbors don't want it to happen again. “I hope it's not going to be an ongoing thing… It's scary,” Williams said.