Shots fired in neighborhood near State Capitol

Lincoln Police are searching for a suspect who fired gunshots at “D” and Goodhue in Lincoln. 

It happened early Tuesday afternoon at around 12:30.  Police say a man fired shots at a moving car and then took off on foot.  The location is near the State Capitol, and McPhee Elementary.  McPhee and nearby St. Mary's school were placed under lock down during the ordeal.

Police say no one was hurt from the shots. 

“It's scary just to find somebody shooting like that you know especially in your own neighborhood when you work everyday, pay taxes and you've got to deal with this ignorant people. You know, you never know if you're going to be a target for a bullet,” says resident Kathleen Cravens.  Her husband was one of the witnesses that called police.

Lincoln Police Captain Jim Davidsaver says other witnesses say the suspect may have been shooting at a light colored car similar to a Ford Taurus, but neither the car nor the suspect stuck around.

Police are describing the suspect as a black male, in his 20's, about 5' 8″ with a bald head.  He was last seen wearing a black t–shirt and black baggy pants.