UPDATE: Terrorists killed in two separate French hostage situations


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PARIS (AP) _ The suspects in the killings of 12 people at a Paris newspaper this week are dead. That word comes from a spokeswoman for a town northeast of Paris. They were killed by French police who stormed a printing plant north of Paris, freeing a hostage who’d been taken earlier today by the two brothers. Security forces had surrounded the building for most of the day. An official says the two suspects came out shooting before being killed by police.

It was one of two hostage sieges in the Paris area that were brought to an end today in raids that took place nearly simultaneously. A police union official on the scene at a kosher market in Paris where a gunman took at least five people hostage says the attacker has died in a raid by security forces. According to a police official, three others are also dead, besides the gunman. Police had said he was connected to the two brothers suspected in the newspaper attack. And they said he was suspected in yesterday’s shooting death of a police officer.