Gunshots hit Lincoln home for second time this week

By: Sabrina Ahmed

Shots are fired Wednesday night at a home that has quite a violent history so far this year. Three shootings have happened at this same duplex just this summer. We spoke to residents of the duplex and they say they're scared for their lives.

At least seven shots were fired early Thursday morning at the same place where a shooting happened earlier this week. This is also the same place as the Fourth of July shooting that ended with one man dead. Police say Orlando Sifuentez was shot and killed by Robert Robertson earlier this summer, but they're looking into whether it was self defense  They say the day he was killed, Sifuentez went to Robertson's home near 30th and “W” because he believed Robertson hit his child with a car earlier in the day.

Officials say Robertson has since moved from the home. The woman who still lives on the other side of the duplex says she thinks the shootings are related to the July 4th incident. She says she can't understand why people are still attacking her home.

“I really wish it would stop because now, it's becoming personal to my family and we have nothing to do with this,” the woman said.

This woman's daughter also lives in the duplex.  She says she is afraid for her life.

“Very, very scared-that one of us, I could wake up to either my mom or my uncle dead or something you know.” She says her uncle has a lung disease and is on oxygen. “If they like keep shooting, I mean I don't know, the could probably like blow up the house with oxygen and stuff.”

The family just wants the shootings to stop.  “Because it's gonna get to the point where I'm gonna have to be forced out of here because of this-and we aint doin nothing wrong-just livin. Just trying to live.”

Robertson faces charges of leaving the scene of an accident on July 4th. It will be up to the county attorney to decide if any charges will be filed in the shooting death of Sifuentez.