Should Alex Gordon have tried to score?

By: Brittany Paris

Bottom of the ninth inning, two outs, Giants up 3-2, no one on base.

The Royals made it to game seven of the World Series Wednesday night, something fans had been waiting for for nearly three decades.

Lincoln native, Alex Gordon, hit a single. But then after Giants outfielders bobbled the ball, he rounded second and made it to third base.

A crowd of more than 40,000 erupted in Kansas City. Royals fans at Longwell’s in the Railyard went nuts.

But just 90 feet from the game tying run, should Gordon have tried to score? His third base coach motioning not to. But it could have been close.

“I think if they had sent him home, it would have been a mistake. He would’ve been dead at home. They would’ve had him by about 10 steps,” Kevin Drought, Longwell’s, said.

Eric Marsh was at the game, sitting along the third base line.

“Because of the way he had run the bases, thinking it was gonna be a single and then getting to second base and looking up and realizing they still hadn’t found the ball and then running to third, I think there was time to get home maybe,” he said.

Gordon defended his and the third base coach’s decision.

“You know it was a single and then once I saw it get by him, I just put my head down and ran. I was looking at Jirschele the whole time. I’m not as fast as Dyson, that’s what I’ve been saying. But if I was, I probably would’ve scored. But you know, he made a good call holding me up and with a great hitter like Salvy, we like our chances,” Gordon said.

The last out came when Salvador Perez hit a pop up foul.

The Giants went on to win their third World Series title in five years.

But win or lose, fans can agree the Royals have made history.

“Hey, I’d rather have the victory, but what an awesome way to end the season,” Marsh said.

“They had a great year though,” a fan said.

It’s easy to sit and speculate, but nearly everyone agrees, if Gordon had scored, it would have been one of the best plays in World Series history.