Should high school football be eliminated

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Here’s a controversial question: should high schools eliminate football because of concussion risk?

"The concern here is that the risk of having a concussion with football is higher than it is in other sports and we don’t know the long term consequences of having a concussion when you’re in high school, in terms of future life," says Dr. Rich Besser, ABC News Chief Health and Medical Editor.

On Monday, a report released in the newest issue of the medical journal "Pediatrics" says one in 14 players will get at least one concussion in high school. Some experts want the sport banned. Others say there just needs to be more regulation to keep players safe.

"The goal should be to reduce risk where you can, maintain the ability for kids to compete and be physically active, and realize that bad things happen. It’s looking at levels of risk and football has the highest level of risk when it comes to concussions," says Besser.

Some ways experts are suggesting to make the sport safer are getting rid of kickoff returns and having certified doctors on the sidelines.