Should hunting and fishing be a constitutional right?

By: Kayla Bremer

Hunting and fishing is a part of Nebraska's heritage.  And now voters will be asked on election day whether it should be a constitutional right. Nebraskans can either vote for or against the proposed amendment that would add the right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife to the state's constitution.

Amendment 2 would designate public hunting, fishing, and harvesting wildlife as the preferred method of controlling wildlife. Jeff Hoffman from the Game and Parks Commission says hunting and fishing is important for managing populations but also for the economy.

 He says this amendment would protect Nebraskans' rights. “Some states, anti-hunting groups you know sometimes will try to abolish hunting and fishing and if its placed on the state's constitution, it just gives it a measure of protection that would protect that right and privilege that we enjoy in Nebraska right now,” Hoffman said.

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission would continue to regulate the activities as they do now. You'd still have to pay for a permit. Any private property rights or laws governing water use would not be affected if the amendment were passed. Nebraska would join 13 other states in adding the right to the state's constitution if the amendment is passed on November 6th.