Should Pledge of Allegiance be required in public schools?

By: Ashley Harding

Forcing public schools to say the Pledge of Allegiance is now closer to becoming a reality. The State Board of Education is considering it as a rule change. In the end, it would still be the student's choice to participate.

Wednesday, in a statewide video conference, supporters and opponents sounded off.

“I would very much like for my grandchildren to say it every day all the way through high school. It only takes 15 seconds. And I think it's time well spent,” Supporter Wayne Smith

“Instead of repeating the Pledge, have each student on a separate day take five minutes to express what America means to them, what freedom means,” Opponent Frank Edler said.

The Board of Education is going to vote next month. If it passes, it'll go to the Attorney General's office, then to the Governor.