Shrine Circus

posted by: Laurann Robinson

Even if you’ve come to the shrine circus in the past, you can expect a brand new show this time around. The show’s change of venue from the Pershing Auditorium to the Lancaster Event Center helps create a brand new atmosphere.

While the folks behind the scenes wow the crowd with tiny horses, white tigers, and these giant, huggable huskies.

Star Cristy, performer and dog trainer says, “These dogs actually do a show. There’s five of them. They’re brothers and sisters, and they pull in a sled. And they’ll do different jumping, and one of them actually walks the high wire. They roll a barrel. They do all kinds of different things.”

And if these guys aren’t big enough for you, the elephants offer excitement in and outside of the ring.

“It’s exciting coming to Nebraska. We’ve got some great acts this year. We’re really excited about the tiger act. We even have white tigers this year. And if you want to come down and ride an elephant, you can ride either an african or an asian elephant. We have both kinds,” said James Plunkett, owner.

In addition to all of the animals, the show has breath–taking stunts like high–wire walkers and the “Wheel of Destiny.” Another big attraction, the return of the quick–changing act.

The show, brought in as a fundraiser for the Shriners, uses a majority of the money to transport kids to and from their hospitals.

One Shriner, Keith Plummer says, “We’re thrilled to have this. This is going to be an exciting circus. We, the shriners, we sell cotton candy and snow cones. We’ve got volunteers that are busy making cotton candy right now.”