Sidewalks and side streets remain icy

Posted by: Abigail Wood

Highways and main streets may have thawed out in Lincoln Monday morning, but sidewalks and residential roads remained frozen. Lincoln Fire and Rescue said they responded to quite a few falls.

"I mean, it was like a mirror," said Ken Wolfe of Lincoln, after slipping and sliding across the parking lot. "I thought it was just water because of the rain coming down. And then when I pulled into the parking lot it was just, well, just know that it’s slick. Take smaller steps."

I caught up with a few people making their way to the grocery store near 17th and Washington. Many were avoiding the sidewalk completely, walking in the grass or down the center of the road.

"It’s usually very hard to tell when this kind of weather has turned from just water into a frozen patch," said Jason Zulkoski of Lincoln, headed to buy soup at Russ’ Market, "So definitely unnerving."

Parking lots are also dangerous, especially as people get in and out of their cars.

"It’s been pretty treacherous," Monica Bernhardt of Lincoln said. "There’s a lot of black ice that’s on the streets."

CHI St. Elizabeth says by late morning they’d treated 27 fall-related injuries in their ER; Bryan Health reported 15.