Six Year Old Donates Art Supplies to Hospitals

By: Rachael Witter

Just a few months ago, Cameron Steinblock was in the hospital with a serious virus. There were puzzles and movies for him, but he really wanted art supplies. When he got out 6 days later, he decided to do something about it.

“When I got out, I asked for a bucket and a piece of paper. My mom said 'why?' and I said to get money and then she took it one step up and then sent out a message so I just wanted to give other people art stuff.” said Cameron.

Just a short month later, Cameron got nearly 2 thousand dollars in donations. Today, he brought supplies to three area hospitals.

“Seeing that he wanted to give back, that he initiated it, that it was his project and he took ownership of makes me really proud of him.” said Cameron's mother, Jessi Steinblock.

Markers, stickers, crayons and paper were just a few supplies he brought today. Nurses that took care of him say it's good to see him healthy again, and for such a good cause.
“We run out of a lot of art supplies cuz our kids use them all the time so it's so nice to have a ton of stuff here that Cameron brought for us.” said St. E's nurse Teresa King.
Cameron says he hopes the art supplies make other kids' stays at hospitals a little easier. “When they have fun…the time goes faster!”