Skate Park Closing

A unique place for kids to hang out after school is closing its doors.

Lincoln’s only indoor skate park, at 64th and Cornhusker Highway, is losing its building.

The program, called ‘Skate the Edge’ runs on volunteers and donations but the man who’s been providing the free facility is pulling out.  Parents, kids and the volunteers learned they have to be out by November 30th.

One parent says that could mean trouble for the growing number of teens that come to the park for a safe positive place.

Josie LeMere says, “the people here want nothing but the best for these kids.  We’re worried about the kids and where some of these kids might end up.”

Volunteers say they want to keep ‘Skate the Edge’ running if they can get enough donations or find a new space.

If you’d like to donate to the program or learn more, call Amy Porter at 402-310-3774.