Skateboarding grows in popularity in Cornhusker State Games

Posted By: Camila Orti

It has been a busy day for athletes in Nebraska. Events for more than 30 sports took place today for the Cornhusker State Games, including track and field, wrestling, soccer, and even skateboarding.

It's only the third year that skateboarding has been a part of the Cornhusker State Games, but organizer Shayne Pearson says participation is growing steadily each year.

With about 100 skaters, this summer's competition has doubled that of the first year's.

“My favorite thing about this competition is that we get to see kids from all over the state come down and skate this facility,” Pearson said. “We see the Lincoln guys and the Omaha guys pretty regularly, so seeing kids from all over the place come and enjoy the park is really cool.”

This is the first year the competition is being held at The BAY, located at 20th and Y streets.

The new indoor skate park was finished in March, and organizers say it has added about 10,000 square feet of skating space for State Games competitors of all levels.

“We see kids from 3 years old all the way up to upper 20s, we even have a guy who is 29 who I found out is riding, so the whole spectrum,” Pearson said.

The competition is split into beginner, intermediate and expert levels. Skaters have five attempts in each section of the skate park to land their tricks in front of the judges and plenty of spectators.

“It's pretty exciting, like it's fun to have a big crowd out here, lot of friends showing support, so it's nice,” skater Connor Schueth said.

Skateboarding competition continues tomorrow beginning at 11 a.m.