Skeleton Found On Doorstep

Imagine stepping out the front door to get your morning paper and finding a human skeleton on your doorstep! It happened to Randy Thomas of Lincoln, Wednesday. Last month, at Morrill Hall a box of bones was anonymously left outside the building. There was also a note, saying they were pre-historic Native American remains. It's suspected that what happened Wednesday may be the same type of incident. Randy Thomas has been an outspoken advocate for having the Native American bones found at UNL returned to tribes for proper burial. To be within the law, Thomas turned the skeleton, which he said was wired together, over to police for testing. Authorities believe the bones are human. It's not known if they are, in fact, Native American. If they are, they will likely be turned over to the Nebraska State Historical Society. Foul play is not suspected. Police say the skeleton does not appear to be a homicide victim. They say it looks like it had been prepared for medical or museum-type display.