Sky Lanterns concern Lincoln Airport officials

Remember those flaming “sky lanterns” we told you about Tuesday? Now the airport is worried after several drifted through the area over the 4th of July.

They may be pretty. They may be legal. But they're also unpredictable. Releasing sky lanterns into the sky may be a fun way to celebrate. But if your business is the sky business, well that could be a problem.

“You know, if a landing aircraft happened to hit one just right and it gets sucked up into the engine, it could cause some damage perhaps. We just assume not find out,” John Wood with the Lincoln Airport said.

In case you missed our earlier broadcast, sky lanterns are made of paper and float into the air once the candle inside is lit. Several were found near homes.. One of them landed in a tree and people had to use a garden hose to put it out. But airport officials also discovered several along the air field at the Lincoln airport.

This is a sky lantern we came across following the Fourth of July celebrations. And as you can see, it's virtually weightless. Airport officials worry it could get sucked into the engine of an airplane…which could be damaging.

“When you put fire into the air and let it go with the winds…you are looking at sending it where it couldn't necessarily be controlled. So that's the situation we'll be looking at this year,” State Fire Marshall John Falgione said.

Their unpredictable nature has fire officials so concerned…they're planning to draw up new legislation to get them outlawed in the state. Lincoln Airport officials say it's worth looking into.

“So we're looking into it. And we'll be talking to folks in the city and seeing what might be done in the future to better protect air traffic,” Wood said.