Skydivers gather in Nebraska for good cause

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Hundreds of thrill seekers from all over came to the Plattsmouth Municipal Airport to take the plunge from around 13,000 feet.

The Lincoln Sport Parachute Club is hosting its annual Redemption Skydiving Boogie. It's one of the largest events of its kind in the region.

"It's the atmosphere we create. We tagged…coined the hottest boogie in the Midwest and you can tell it's pretty warm,” Club Member Bill Lahman said.

The four–day fundraiser brings both skydivers and first timers together.

For a donation, you can do a tandem jump with someone who has experience.

The club is donating a portion of its proceeds to the American Cancer Society, which is a cause that hits home. Many members have lost a loved one to the disease including one of its own Chuck Feser. 

He lost his battle with the illness recently.

"We're all impacted hugely. I mean you are losing very close friend…one of your closest friends,” club member Paul Fortier said.

Jumpers say the attraction of the event isn't the thrill of jump, but the sense of community.

"It's not the adrenaline rush. It's not a death wish. It's the people. The same reason we're out doing these things to support cancer. We really like being together,” Fortier said.

It also has a larger message–reminding people to live life to the fullest.

"It's getting off the couch and doing something you find value in, something you can help people with and if you're not, you're not really living,” Fortier said.

The event will continue for the next two days and cost $250 for a non–experienced jumper.

The club says they also expect several cancer survivors to participate over the weekend.

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