Small margin for error costing Nebraska the close games

Husker football head coach Scott Frost says the team’s small margin for error, a couple mistakes and not putting together complete four quarters is costing Nebraska the close games. WATCH:

“I think the offense played good enough to win for three quarters, and we’ve got to do it for four. The defense played really well for three. We’ve got to do it for four. But we’re also not so that good that we can have penalties and setbacks on offense and overcome 2nd-and-16. And we’re not so good that we can make mistakes and give people big plays and expect to win. Everything else in that game stays the same and we win the turnover margin. Like we’ve talked about a hundred times in meetings and we probably win the game. It’ll be nice in the days around here when we’ve got so much talent we go out and play like we’re supposed to and hopefully people won’t have a chance. Right now, no matter who you’re playing, you have to play well, and if our margins are small we need to execute well.”