Smartphone apps help runners

By: Jenn Schanz 

The Lincoln marathon is May 5th and who needs a trainer?  Thanks to some popular new smartphone apps, marathon prep is going mobile.

The latest training tools, especially for new runners, are now on their phones and tablets.

“It gives you a stepping stone if you're just starting out,” Store Manager Matt Hagert said.

Cell phone companies like Verizon in Lincoln are seeing more and more people interested in running applications for their smart phones.  Runkeeper, My Coach, or Couch to 5k are some of the most popular. 

The apps talk to you in your headset.  They take training up a notch by using social media for encouragement. 

“If you allow it to, it will actually post your results to facebook, so if people are commenting on it, it will read it to you in your ear. So you can hold yourself accountable by putting it out there, and say hey I'm actually doing a run right now,” Hagert said.

The new training trend can be downloaded to any smartphone or tablet, and can be used by all ages.  Most running apps are free, and can track distance, calories burned, even overall fitness progress.