Smelly situation at Bowling Lake

Bowling Lake

By: Kelly Sommariva

An act of vandalism is causing a smelly situation for some Airpark residents. They say water levels are dropping at Bowling Lake and the city isn't doing anything about it. The city says those water levels are down about 2 feet at Bowling Lake but it probably looks worse than it is, it's because of a broken pump they haven't fixed yet.

Tuesday the winds are so high the smell isn't the problem, but that doesn't mean there aren't other concerns. Bowling lake has changed a lot over the last few years.

“It's been night and day difference it was kind of a mud–hole before,” Daryl Bauer, Fisheries Program Manager said.

Recently, Airpark residents are noticing a not so good change. “So much moss and stuff that it isn't as nice as it used to be and it seems like every year it's getting worse.,” Resident Bonnie Chalk said.

Game and Parks oversaw the Bowling lake rehab project, which was finished in 2010. It increased overall water levels and left some parts shallow. About two weeks ago, the lake's pump, which brings in water from Oak creek, was vandalized, and the city still hasn't fixed it.  hey also have to clean up silt around the pump from spring storms. As a result, water levels are down about two feet.

“When water drops you'll see more of that algae those mats get isolated and laying around and that can cause some odor and it's unsightly.”

One of the other concerns with the low water levels out here at Bowling lake are the ducks. And that has to do with the planes flying overhead in Airpark. The Airport has called Game and Parks concerned more birds can pose a danger to their pilots.

Parks and Rec says the pump project has to wait until next week because they're getting pools ready for the holiday weekend.