Smoke Alarm Rally

Lincoln's first ever smoke alarm rally is on Saturday September 19th.

The goal is to get smoke detectors into homes that need them most.

On Friday, Mayor Chris Beutler, along with members of “Safe Kids” met to rally volunteers for the event.

A Lincoln woman who survived a fire nine years ago says she still thanks the crews and the smoke detector for saving her life.

Maggie Marsh says, “the apartment was black with smoke and the flames started to enter the building.  I grabbed my daughter and we laid on the floor by the window in the nursery.  It felt like hours.”

Today,  Marsh recalled the day she and her nine-month-old were caught in a house fire.

Thanks to a fire alarm and Lincoln Fire and Rescue, Marsh and her daughter escaped unharmed.

For that reason, Lincoln Fire and Rescue has teamed up with Safe Kids for a smoke alarm rally that will go door-to-door handing out smoke alarms on September 19th.

Jefff Hatcher, with LFR, says he goal is to install 500 smoke alarms.  “They're alarms that won't need to be replaced annually like most most alarms.”

The targeted area bounded by Washington on 10th and 14th streets was identified by the LPD as having a higher than average rate of residential fires.

Hatcher says, “one of the problems with multi-dwellings is, your neighbors bad fire habits are yours.”

Marsh says the smoke alarm rally is a step in the right direction because a fire is something no one should ever have to face.

“I have always thanked the crews for saving our lives but I also need to acknowledge that the smoke detectors alerted us.  Because had it not been for smoke detectors I wouldn't be here today.”

Representatives say they are still in need of volunteers.

No experience is needed and anyone over the age of 18 who is interested in helping on September 19th can show up at 8:00 AM at Everett Elementary School.