Snow Causes Problems For Drivers

The snow is taking its toll on the Lincoln roads as drivers try to find their way around the city. For the most part snow plows have been keeping Highway Two street pretty clear but that’s not the case as you make your way around the city.

And as more snow continues to fall, it gets harder and harder for plows to get to all the roads. 85 different plows and sanders have been working non–stop on the city’s streets throughout the day. But as flakes continue to fall, Lincoln drivers on the roads Tuesday say they’re having a hard time keeping up.

How are the roads here in Lincoln?  “Horrible, stay home! A lot of people are driving in the middle of the street because they can’t really see the lines and stuff,” Larry Mathieson said.

Lincoln driver, Cameron Schwartz says with the first major snowfall in Lincoln, it’s like learning how to ride a bike all over again, but in the worst of conditions. “I was driving like it was the first time in snow again,” Schwartz said.

As far as Tuesday those driving in the city say the streets weren’t too icy, just completely packed with snow.  Reed Regiger of Lincoln says it seems as if traffic is flowing in slow motion. “They’re really sloppy and things are really slow,” Regiger said.

Police say they’ve responded to around 20 accidents Tuesday. Which is pretty good on a day like this.  Remember there is still that snow emergency for the city of Lincoln. It took effect at 8 a–m Tuesday. This means parking is banned on emergency snow routes, bus routes and other major arterial streets.