A snow emergency has been declared in the city of Lincoln. The snow emergency will take effect at 2p.m. Monday Afternoon.

*A snow emergency means parking is banned on emergency snow routes, bus routes and other heavily-traveled streets. Violators could be ticketed or towed. A map of snow emergency routes can be found on page 38 of your Alltel phone book.

*A residential parking ban will go into effect at 8a.m. Tuesday morning. Parking on both sides of the street will “not” be allowed in most residential neighborhoods until plows clear the snow.

*The only exception to the residential parking ban is in high density neighborhoods. In these neighborhoods, parking will be banned on the even numbered side of the street, that is the north and east sides. When this side is clear, the parking ban will switch to the other side of the street. The time and date will be announced by Channel 8 Eyewitness news. A map of high-density areas can also be found on page 38 of your Alltel phone book.

*The latest snow information is posted on the city's website at