Snow Storm Sweeps Into Lincoln

The Channel 8 viewing area is under a Winter Weather Advisory this Friday night.  Drivers are taking things slowly. The first snowflakes began falling over the capital city shortly before 6 o'clock, just in time to make the afternoon commute a little messy.

Once the sun went all the way down, the snow picked up and began blanketing roads all around the area.

One driver had only gone about half a mile to fill up his tank.  He said even though there's not a lot of snow, he's still taking it safe.

“I think they're going to be pretty treacherous they're pretty bad right now but nobody's out there working on them so I guess we'll let them go,” said Steve Fielder of Lincoln.

Road crews from the Public Works Department were out earlier today laying solution on the roads to help keep a handle on things.  Officalas said once there is some measurable snow on the roads, the plows will go to work.  And if you see those big orange trucks, a warning for everyone:

“They should slow down get behind the truck leave them at least 100 feet 100 yards or whatever let them have the room to get the job done,” said Roger Tiedeman of Lincoln Public Works.

It doesn't take a lot to make things slick.  All drivers are advised to go slow and be safe.