Softball Stirring Success with Spoons

By Ian Hest 

As the bats get to work, and the runs pile home, the air stirs…

Stir it up.

The spoon-fed theme to this year’s Huskers softball season, came to Center Fielder Kiki Stokes one night in November.

It was in my dream,” Stokes said. “The first time that we actually said it was in my dream.”

“I’m thinking, ok, if something comes like that that’s not a coincidence,” said Head Coach Rhonda Revelle. “So there it is. There’s our slogan. Stir it up.”

It all originated from motivational speaker Jon Gordon’s book, “Soup,” a team building guide that followed last season’s read, The Energy Bus. 

At the start of the season, the team held, ironically, a soup supper for their booster club and an arts and crafts project is helping blend the perfect recipe between fans and players.

I see alicia’s mom out there all the time. She’s always like “Go Big Red!” Stokes said.

 It holds a special place in coach Rhonda Revelle’s heart. As a kid her nickname was…

Spoon. I like to eat. My dad gave me that. He just said i was always spooning it in.”

There’s a spoon for everything.

For leadership…

For hitting…

And everyone has their own. 

The team has taken the message. Put everything you’ve got together, and you get the sweet taste of victory. And the ingredients are there for a successful season.

It may be weird. It may be funny and silly but it’s actually something that we believe in,” Senior Pitcher Tatum Edwards said. “And just knowing that even though they may be the littlest things, they make the biggest difference because we believe in them.”