Soldier Send Off

Nebraska families said good bye to their loved ones today as the 192nd military police detachment, left Nebraska city to serve in Iraq.

In a room packed full of soldiers and their families it was still pretty easy to spot this little guy, 9 month old Archer.

His father, Sgt.. John Ferguson, is one of 45 soldiers leaving to serve in Iraq.

 “I'm gonna miss him the most, I love that little guy he's the hardest part, having to leave him,” Ferguson said.”

This is Ferguson's second deployment, his family says it's always hard to say good bye.

“I thought this time would be easier but it's harder because this time he leaves a wife and a baby before it was just us and I can take care of just us,” his wife said.

Those close to Ferguson surprised him by wearing these t–shirts, on the front they say relentless with a Vince Lombardi quote on the back.

“Last time I deployed I wasn't there for the send off ceremony so this is a lot of rougher actually being here for the send off ceremony and watching my family cry and everything,”Ferguson said.

The unit will be led by first lt. Joseph Sanchez, he says his young daughter put his deployment into perspective, after she told him he'd be missing her entire school year.

“we're doing this to protect our families, this country, you, if we can keep the fight over there, that makes us sleep better at night and gives us that goal to look forward too, doing the job and coming here to see our families, ” he said.

And as families said their final good–bye it was Sgt.. Ferguson's sister, who put it best

“I love you and stay safe and be careful,” she said.