Soldiers Deployed

The 295th Ordnance Company deals with the shipping of ammunition… And this isn't the first time they have been mobilized for the war in Iraq. Just last year, they spent four months at Fort Riley, Kansas waiting for a mission that never came. But it appears this time, the group is headed overseas.

Seargent 1st Class Gary Blevins spent the day showing his family around the Army Reserve Center in Hastings. He is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, and was also a part of the group that spent four months at Fort Riley last year. Now, he's once again headed overseas.

“This time is a little rougher than last time because I'm gonna miss out on my oldest daughter's wedding. She gets married in October and so I'm really sad about that.”

Seargent 1st Class Blevins is one of about 30 soldiers who received coins in a ceremony in front of family and friends. Major Julie Aksamit says these soldiers make up the first part of a two-part deployment. She says about 200 more members of the 295th Ordnance Company will be deployed within the next few months.

“We're just kind of setting up and paving the way for the rest of the soldiers to come down and wherever we go, we're not exactly sure where we're gonna be, but we'll probably go ahead of those soldiers and they'll likely link up with us.”

Seargent 1st Class Blevins' daughter Jessica says she's not looking forward to seeing her dad go… But she's very proud of what he's doing.

“Kinda sad pretty much. Glad that- he's my hero. He's always been my hero, so.”

The soldiers are headed to Fort Riley for training later this week. From there they're not sure where they'll be going… But the soldiers say they expect to be gone somewhere between 18 months and two years.