Soldiers’ Families Receive Support

Having soldiers on active duty can be very difficult for families and loved ones to handle. A support group here in Lincoln is trying to make their situations a little easier. The group was formed last year and it has been a blessing for numerous families. Sunday, they held their monthly meeting. At these gatherings they get a chance to talk about their loved ones with people who are experiencing the same things….and share photos. The discussions range from very emotional concerns, to even laughter about stories from the front lines. One of the biggest problems facing them is actually keeping in touch. Gary Simanek is one of the group members.  He says, “It takes a little while for our stories to get back and forth and by the time it does get to them they're doing something else.” The group has become an extended family for everyone involved. But there's always room for more. Sunday, they discussed an event to attract new members. That will take place on April 18th.