Some children keep warm on Snow Day at indoor playhouse

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Gavin Sellers had a good feeling Wednesday was going to be a snow day.

“I was kind of bragging at my mom ’cause she said it probably wasn’t but it did,” Gavin, a 5th grader at Zeman Elementary, said.

But if you had somewhere to be, you know it was a battle trying to get around the city.

“Our road was full,” Gavin said. “We couldn’t almost drive.”

Battle or not, Gavin and his brother had a destination in mind for their snow day: Lost in Fun indoor playhouse.

Whether children played in the bouncy house, game room or gym, they had plenty of ways to stay warm inside while having fun.

“I like to play in the foam pit,” kindergartner Kash O’Bryant said.

“The jumpy pillow,” Kash’s sister, Camdyn, added.

“Bounce house,” Gavin said.

There wasn’t a very large crowd Wednesday. Workers said snow days are hit and miss. It all depends whether families want to brave the roads to make the trip.

Kerry O’Bryant and his family did. Ty stayed in for Monday’s snow day. Kerry wanted to change things up a bit this time around.

“I wanted them to come here, get some exercise, get some of that nervous energy out,” Kerry said.

“We don’t have to school and have homework,” Camdyn said happily.