Some Lincoln Residents Got Quite A Scare Sunday Night That Could Have Been Deadly

Police found a hand grenade in the backyard of a house near 45th and Pine Lake. Luckily, no one lives in the house right now. It's being renovated after a fire a couple weeks ago. Officials don't know if the grenade is real, but they think it could be connected to a robbery that happened nearly an hour before.

Police say three boys broke into a house on Elk Ridge Road, around 9:30, Sunday night. One of them was armed with a pellet gun. Officials say 17-year-old, Timothy Eisenhower, walked into his bedroom and found the three boys standing there. We're told they threatened to take things from him…but timothy eventually escaped and the three boys left. Then, nearly an hour later, neighbors who live on the same street, called police about a suspicious man walking in between houses, carrying a shoe box. Eisenhower's mom wouldn't go on camera but told channel 8 that she believes the motive to break in to her son's bedroom was to steal some speakers he was trying to sell. Police say the grenade was intended for the

The three boys who broke into the home were arrested for burglary and robbery. They are Leo Ladely, David Johnson, and Jonathan Alexander. And 20-year-old, Donald Hogan, was arrested for placing a false explosive. Officials haven't said for sure if the two crimes are related, but they say it's a possibility. Again, the fire department still hasn't released if the grenade is real. If you have any information, you're encouraged to call Crimestoppers at 475-3600. (s1p