Some Nebraskans stand against ACA Repeal

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Meet  39-year-old Jessyca Vandercoy.

The Omaha mother is fearful of losing healthcare for her son who has Type1 diabetes.

She has insurance for him through the affordable care act, which could be repealed soon.

Vandercoy said the plans from her job are too expensive.

She paid $6,000 last year for medical costs including the premium and co pays.

The mom said without the law it would cost $50,000 annually in medication for her son.

"The need to have access to healthcare to help cover those medications and supplies are essential to keeping him alive,” Omaha Mother Jessyca Vandercoy said.

She and Nebraska Appleseed along with other community members are urging congress to not eliminate the law without a replacement.

More than 30 local leaders signed a letter.

Hundreds of thousands of Nebraskans could be uninsured with the possible repeal.

There are currently more than 90,000 in the state who fall in the Medicaid coverage gap, which is why senator Adam Morfeld of Lincoln is pushing for expansion.

The bill has failed in the past.

The senator said even if the law is repealed, a backup is promised by congressional Republicans, so this is a good move for our state.

"That’s going to take a few years and Nebraska families who can’t afford health care can’t wait a few years. So, this will actually make it so we have a smooth transition,” State Senator Adam Morfeld of Lincoln said.

For now, groups are asking congress to carefully consider the law.

"I need to be able to have a way keep my son alive. The affordable care has allowed me to have independence and allowed to provided and protect my children,” Vandercoy said.

It’s expected, if you’ve already signed up coverage, no matter what congress, you’ll be covered for 2017.