Some Nebraskans voice concern over Trump’s cabinet picks

Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

Dozens of Nebraskans gathered at U.S. Senator Ben Sasse’s Lincoln office  Monday to make their voices heard.

They were with the group Bold Nebraska to protest President–Elect Donald trump’s cabinet picks.

They’re asking senators to reject Rex Tillerson, Scott Pruitt, Ex–Governor  Rick Perry and representative Ryan Zinke.

Ralliers said these choices are harmful for our environment.

"I decided that if I saw something that I thought was wrong, that bothered me that I would call it and I would do something personally about it. I am not going to wait for other people act for me,” Maureen Ose of Lincoln said.

"We need to get people in there that are actually going to believe climate change exists and do something about. We’re kind of at precipice right now. We need to something right away,” Bold Nebraska Representative Linda Anderson said.

Senator Sasse actually met with Trump’s EPA nominee Scott Pruitt last week.

Sasse called the meeting productive.

In a statement Monday regarding the rally at his office, he said in part "Nebraskans know that nobody cares more about the environment than our farmers and ranchers. I look forward to hearing from each of president–elect Trump’s nominees as they come before the senate."

The group also met at U.S. Senator Deb Fischer’s Omaha office for the same purpose.

Senator Fischer’s spokeswoman said  "The voice and input of Nebraska is what guides her work in the U.S. senate. Senator Fischer is currently reviewing qualifications of all cabinet nominees."

All of them have to be confirmed by the senate.

Those hearings start this week.

The senate begins its hearings of the cabinet picks starting Tuesday morning with Attorney General Nominee Jeff Sessions.