Some question social media Paris support

Posted By: KLKN Newsroom

Social media has been used heavily since the attacks. From survivors in Paris using Facebook to let loved ones know they were okay, to people changing their profile picture to show support for the French.

Some on-line have asked, with many other catastrophes and killings going on in the world, why are millions of people spending so much time focusing on Paris?

"We tend to look at things that remind us most of the world that we live in. Hopefully what comes from this, is we have a better dialogue about when these acts of terrorism are taking place, any place on this planet, what’s the cause of these acts of terrorism and what can we do globally and locally to prevent those kinds of things from happening,” Barney McCoy, Professor of Journalism at UNL, said.

You’ve seen the blue, white and red- some users have questioned why Facebook’s relatively new profile feature did not offer special filters after deadly earthquakes and attacks in Lebanon, for instance. You may notice that some graphic designers have begun to create their own.