Some use bath salts to get high

We first warned you about the dangers of K2, but now a new synthetic drug you should know about, is hitting the streets and it looks like a bath salt.

Ivory Wave, Cloud 9, White Dove and Vanilla Sky are just a few of the brands the substance is sold as. This new drug is being called legal cocaine or legal speed.  Jerome Barry with Substance Abuse Services says, “It has a similar effect, some say to methamphetamine, some say to cocaine, some say hallucinogenic like LSD.  It sounds like it's causing different reactions to different individuals.”

Unlike regular bath salts, these have an ingredient called MDPV, which is structurally related to designer amphetamines such as ecstasy.  It can give a high that lasts more than 24 hours and experts say it can be deadly.  Reported symptoms include rapid heart rate, hypertension, agitation, paranoia, and confusion.   Barry says, “A year ago we hadn't heard of K2, now everyone's heard of K2.  A year from now everyone will have heard of bath salts and there will be something else.   It just seems like manufacturers, chemists, and dealers are constantly staying on the cutting edge trying to keep it away from being illegal by the way they manufacture and label it.”

It is typically labeled “not for human consumption” but that's not stopping people from snorting, injecting, smoking and ingesting it.

As of now, the salts aren't illegal, though Nebraska is looking at legislation to ban them.