Sorority to include all women

"Alpha Chi Omega is a women’s organization, but to stay relevant, Alpha Chi must be inclusive of all who live and identify as women regardless of their gender assigned as birth," Angela Harris, National President, said.

Alpha Chi Omega’s National President, Angela Harris, sent the message earlier this month.

In a video released to the chapters, she explains that Alpha Chi Omega Sororities across the nation will be changing membership standards. They will be more inclusive towards transgender females.

Savannah Rave, President of UNL’s chapter, says the Alpha Chi sisterhood is based on a foundation of building strong women. Now, that extends to every woman.

"We wanted all people who identified as women to be apart of this sisterhood,” Rave, said. “That’s what this is all about; to build each other up to be real, strong women together."

This policy came days before President Donald Trump rebuked former President Obama’s guidance on transgender and discrimination.

Rave says, Alpha Chi’s willingness to continue the push for equal rights illustrates what the chapter stands for.

"Inclusion goes way past just including all women, its including all races all different backgrounds,” Rave, said. We feel like we have a pretty positive environment for our members now."

The UNL chapter does not know how this policy will directly play into formal recruitment across the campus greek system.

Right now they’re focusing on it as a chapter.

"At this point, it’s important to kind of foster the minds of our members,” Rave, said. “If their mind set isn’t in that inclusion state, then we do what we can, not to force them to feel that way, but to kind of give them the opportunity to see where this is taking us and how this could help Alpha Chi Omega become a stronger chapter."

UNL’s formal recruitment starts next fall, Rave says they will need to work with their national representative and campus panhellenic for further instructions.