South Lincoln Vandalism’s

A walk outside this morning brought new meaning to rude awakening.

Around 30 Lincoln residents were hit by vandals overnight and now, police are looking for the people responsible.

LPD got the first report around 5 o'clock this morning.  When they got to the scene, they realized that was only the beginning.

For several residents living near Crooked Creek road in south Lincoln, today started just like any other, until they realized they'd been hit by vandals. As many as 30 incidents were reported in several joining neighborhoods. Police say some items were taken from cars, while others were vandalized.

They used a lot of spray paint. Scott Cooper's car was vandalized…he says, “window on one side and on the rear tire and the license plate…that's all we had.”

That's not all, other pieces of property were spray painted. A resident who wishes to remain anonymous says, “luckily the paint used this time around, you know, they can wash it off, but what I hear is some of the things that were done is going to be a lot harder to fix…so that's really upsetting.” 

Concerned neighbors tell us they hope the guilty party is caught.  Police are still working to determine the total dollar loss in all these incidents. Police currently don't have any suspects.