Updated: South Street and O Street reopen today

South Street Bridge

By: Melina Matthes

Good news for drivers, the main thoroughfare through Lincoln is finally open again. Construction crews have all cleared out and O street re-opened Tuesday morning, 6 days early! Business owners say they couldn't be happier.

It's smooth sailing on O street. “It's fantastic we've been counting the days. It seems like it's taken forever but I'm glad that it's finally here, it's a tremendous improvement,” Steve Carper, O Street Carpet Owner said.

Drivers can finally take O street again. For businesses like BB&R Pawn, they say it's a blessing, as some struggled during construction.

“First couple of weeks put a shock of fear in me though, because for a couple weeks people didn't come here at all,” Chris Davey with BB&R Pawn said.

O Street Carpet also felt the pinch, they say customers had a hard time getting in their store, but owner Steve Carper says it's a good upgrade for the city.

“I think it's a great improvement. All the additional street lights and all the extra vegetation is wonderful. It's gonna be a great addition,” Carper said.

In addition to O street re-opening, the South street bridge near Normal Boulevard is also open for traffic. The city says even though the streets are open again, they'll still be doing some work on the sidewalks and landscaping.