Spaghetti feed to be held for man dying of lung cancer

By: Ashley Harding

The family of a Lincoln man battling stage 4 lung cancer is asking for help in the final days of his life. Just weeks ago, John Dugan found out that his cancer had come back and he doesn't have much time. To help pay for medical costs, his family has planned a spaghetti feed and bake sale for the end of next month.  Our cameras were rolling at last year's Relay for Life, there we caught up with Lacey Staehr, her mother Annette Dugan, and her little girl Ella. The trio was walking for both Annette, and her husband John who was diagnosed with lung cancer the month before. He'd been doing well up until six weeks ago…when he found out it came back.

“He doesn't eat or drink very much, so he's very weak. Spends a lot of time in bed, does try to interact with Ella a little bit,” Staehr said.

The cancer had spread from John's lungs to his liver and lymph nodes. The family soon learned that he was uninsurable, and as expected, the bills started piling up in the thousands.  For his family, the worst part is seeing him get weaker, especially for 2-year-old Ella.

“She just thinks the world of him and, you know, on the weekends when she's home with me, she wants to call and check on her Dugan and find out where he is and what he's doing,” Staehr said.

The family's plan now is to put on a spaghetti feed to pay for hospice care and pay off some medical expenses.  They also hope their gesture sends a message to other families struggling with cancer.

“People just have to know that if they're struggling and they need help, they need to ask for it and to not be ashamed to ask for it.,” Staehr said.

The spaghetti feed is scheduled for May 20th at the Trinity Chapel Church. You can also make a donation to the John Dugan donation fund at any U.S. Bank.

The feed will be held from 11am to 3pm at the Trinity Chapel Church at 550 W. Rokeby Road, Lincoln, NE. That's 1.5 miles west of Hwy 77 on Rokeby Rd.