Special Olympians take part in a different kind of triathlon

For many Special Olympians in town this week, the experience is about more than just competing.

They also take part in special activities like the art triathlon.  For the triathlon, artists at three locations, including the Hayden Art Center in the Haymarket, took time to help athletes create something of their own.  At the center, it was buttons and canvass carrying bags.

Adina Watkins, a competitor from Idaho stopped by.  She says, “I feel so good about it.  I can carry my stuff to Axle Star, the school I go to.”

Heather Thomas works with the Hayden Art Center and explains their involvement.  “We do a lot of outreach in the community, so this was a natural project for us.  I also think it was a wonderful way to showcase the arts in Lincoln for people all over the country.”

Hundreds of athletes and family members took part in the art triathlon on Tuesday and it was all free.